What We Do/Have Done

 SNS recognizes that there are numerous organizations performing great work, and that with just a few more committed and skilled volunteers, their impact could reach so much further. SNS ignites large-scale social change by effectively empowering issue-based organizations of the DC metro area, with over 1,500 hours of skills-based service.


How it Works

Through leadership training and customized service plans, SNS harnesses the energy of driven and socially-conscious millennials who desire to volunteer in a meaningful way.

Placement Process: Matching skill to need 

SNS works with the host organizations to identify capacity needs and customize service projects, and then matches appropriate volunteers based on skills and interests.

Service: Consistent, skills based volunteering

Volunteers commit to volunteering at least 10 hours a month to their host organizations, under the support of SNS. These deliverable-based projects involve strategic planning, operations management, development, program modeling. 


1.     “The role will allow us to continue its efforts to bring mental health education to schools in the DC area, as well as expand its efforts to reach other regions.” - Josh Anderson Foundation

2.     “While many service members and families successfully transition back into civilian life, hundreds of thousands are struggling every single day. Our Service Never Sleeps fellow will help provide critical organizational support so we can better serve our nation's veterans and their families.” - Code of Support Foundation

3.     “The only reason why we can do as much as we do is because of support from Service Never Sleeps. The help they've given, our fellows that we've had this year, have been necessary for us to be able to build capacity and grow our program.” – Serve Your City

4.     “Our fellow has enabled us to create a much greater and more consistent online presence than we ever could do before without any dedicated communications or development staff. She has helped us nurture our relationships with current supporters and to attract new followers. Her efforts will most certainly enhance our communications and development work well into the future.” Capitol Hill Group Ministry