Change the World

We can be your partner in this journey for justice... Will you join us in this Allyship movement?


 Grow as one of our next-generation leaders through this yearlong program, through your service to a local nonprofit and the Leadership Development series.


Sponsor promising employees participation in our program, and contribute to their growth of personal and professional skills, while creating meaningful change in your community.


Host a fellow for a year of part-time service, and increase your organization's reach and capacity. Achieve your mission most effectively as a part of a larger community effort.

Allyship Training Workshop

SNS facilitates a training workshop that establishes the new term, “Allyship,” as an active way of life, revolving around the “CLAIM” acronym—Care, Learn, Act, Influence, and Maintain. The workshop teaches individuals about the causes of social injustice, how to be effective allies for marginalized communities, and how to actively influence and educate others. Sign up for a workshop here

Volunteer In Your Community

You don't have to be a fellow to support the cause of ending social injustice through civic engagement. Join the movement by volunteering, and tweet at us about what you did. Check out volunteer opportunities with our nonprofit partners, or find an opportunity in your area that matches your own interests, and get to serving!