It is 10pm.

We prepare for bed as the woman fears that her husband’s bad day will bring another night of abuse.

We read to our children and as they fall asleep another child struggles against the pain of an empty stomach.

We crawl into our warm beds as the man on the corner shivers as he looks for a spot to safely spend the night.

We pull at our blankets for comfort as the teen shamefully keeps his depression secret between the sheets.

We drift off to sleep as a military spouse lies anxiously awake next to an empty space, feeling so alone.

The woman, the child, the man, the teen, the spouse…Each has a story. And it matters.

If an individual went to bed amidst the current state of social injustice, and a fraction of society committed to serving in one small way, that same individual would awaken from a full night's sleep to witness a tremendous change.

What We Do

Our mission is empower individuals and communities to catalyze social justice through service and Allyship.

Our Program Model


Our three-prong approach allows us to promote Allyship across sectors of the community




SNS hosts a Fellowship year of part-time service that places young professionals, from partnering corporations, with local nonprofits. We foster issue-oriented allies and dynamic leaders of tomorrow through skills-based service and leadership training, as they engage in meaningful projects at the community level.

Corporate Partnership

SNS leverages the strengths and resources of corporations, and the skills and innovation of their employees, to build capacity for community non-profits. The partnership allows companies to invest in social responsibility, engage with their communities, and contribute to their employees' personal and professional growth through skills-based service.

Allyship Training

SNS trains allies who can actively promote social justice as a way of life. The workshop teaches individuals about the causes of social injustice, how to be effective allies for marginalized communities, and how to actively influence and educate others.